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How to look good in photos – Infallible tricks!

  How to look good in photos – Infallible tricks!


As professional photographers, every day we face a lot of people who are intimidated by the camera. Many people think that they have little or no photogenically and are terrified of facing a photography session. The issue gets worse when you also have to record important moments in your life. Such as a wedding report or a business photoshoot, where whether you like it or not, you are the star of the show. If this is your problem, you will surely ask yourself: How to look good in photos?

Well, don’t worry.  We’re here to help you and provide you with a series of tricks and tips both when it comes to posing and looking for naturalness, which you can learn about and of course if you dare, you can start trying them to face this great fear. That prevents you from taking photos.

Once you take these tips into account, you will lose the fear of standing in front of a camera.  That will immortalizes your memories, not only on your wedding day but also in a family photo session, portraits, and even in “selfies.”

Tricks and tips on How to look good in photos


1st – Acting, not Posing

We’re sure that among your favorite photos are not those looking at the camera in a mannequin position as if you were selling a piece of clothing, but instead, those “stolen photos” that were taken of you unsuspectingly, but how do you know? get that photo being conscious?

Well, posing today is overrated and it can be said that it is only used on red carpets. The most advisable thing is to carry out daily actions that help us look natural in our photos. Those in which we appear oblivious to the camera. So, I am going to tell you some actions you can do to get these photographs.

  • Walk, run or jump
  • Look at your phone, have a coffee or read a book/newspaper
  • Sit to contemplate,
  • For couple photos: Hugging, having a conversation, dancing
  • Use accessories: an instrument (if you play), take a hat, or any item that is representative for you and keeps your hands busy.
How to look good in photos
2nd – Body expression

It’s not about behaving like a model, but knowing some postures, gestures and of course, a good attitude. That will help you improve your photogenically, attitude can be said to be everything.

Spread your arms to look good in photos

Don’t stick them to the body, separate them! Otherwise, visually they will end up merging with the torso, which will inevitably appear wider and make us look more voluminous.

Attention to the legs

Legs together and straight do not contribute much, they do not generate volume or curves, so it does not favor anyone, try leaving the weight on one hip or even flexing one leg.

Triangles – the best advice

Placing the arms and legs forming triangles is a very good option to shape our body and to form “gaps” between the extremities and the torso.

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3rd – From the front, never!

An important trick. Posing completely frontally does not benefit anyone photographically. Look at models or simply famous people when they arrive at a photocall full of reporters. You will see that no one poses from the front.

The trick they usually use is to put one hand on their waist and position their body foreshortened. We are not big fans of posed shots. So, it is not necessary for you to do the same. But if you do some testing, you will see that your photographs improve a lot just by turning a little.

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Here’s a good practice: look at photos of yourself and discover what you don’t like. When you have studied it, try different postures to hide the parts of your body that, according to you, make you not look good in the photos.

The straight back to look good in photos

There is nothing worse than appearing shrunken in a photo. And the big culprit of that feeling is none other than the position of your back. It’s as simple as stretching it well and even pulling your shoulders back a little. You will see how with this simple tip your posture greatly improves. Of course, be careful not to exaggerate!


Many times we do not know what to do with our hands.  Perhaps it is the part of the body that is most important but is poorly managed. In this case, almost anything can be done except leaving them hanging! Hug your partner, or friends, hold an accessory or put them in a pocket that is, without hiding them completely!

How to look good in photos
4th – Your face is what speaks best about you

We promise you that it is not a question of being more or less handsome. There are handsome people who do not look good at all in photos. And on the contrary, there are normal people who manage to convey great photogenicity.

It is true that the image of our face is the sum of many factors, smile, look, gesture, etc. And it takes time to be able to “train” everyone together, but believe me, the attitude will make you look better and better.

The smile

First of all, smiling is not mandatory to look good in photos. It will be enough to not have your mouth completely closed since this pose is not natural at all.

A little tip; Try putting your tongue behind your upper teeth; you will unintentionally relax many muscles in your mouth with this simple gesture.

Keep in mind that many times we focus on our mouth and the true smile is usually found in our eyes.

Avoid pouting or smiling forcefully, it doesn’t look natural in the photos.

The look

Try not to show fear or embarrassment in front of the camera (unless it is what we want to communicate). Looking strongly and directly at the camera is not easy, even when the person taking the photo is someone we trust.

A trick would be to close your eyes or look away and only look at the right moment in the photo. We will lose shame and gain intensity.

Another trick you can try would be to look just above the camera at a fixed point without maintaining direct eye contact with the camera.

As with posture, looking straight ahead is not a good resource, try not to look directly, look for an angle of inclination, or even tilt your head a little.


A very common fear is the double chin effect in a photo. This is easily solved by slightly raising the chin, being careful that it does not appear that we have stretched our neck and that it may also give us a feeling of haughty or arrogance.

The trick of putting our tongue on the roof of our mouth to improve our smile will also help us tighten our chin muscles.

The turtle neck

The best trick in our experience for the double chin would be to imitate the “turtle neck” which consists of moving your head forward a little like a turtle poking its head out of its shell but without doing it in an exaggerated way.

Hair. ally or enemy

We must use it to our advantage. Many times it will help us “cover” some parts of the face while at the same time stylizing and flattering us.

We look for naturalness in the photographs, so avoid exaggerated updos, often waves or loose hair are much more flattering.

5th – Attitude before the camera

We think it is the most important part. Because if you are afraid of facing a camera, this fear will be reflected in the resulting images. Try to face it with a different attitude, taking these aspects into account:

  • Spontaneity: If you don’t like “posing” this is your best option. Forget about the camera, as if it didn’t exist. (It is true that for this the photographer must know his work and how to achieve that spontaneity)
  • Relax: Avoid phrases like “I ALWAYS look bad in photos” or “I NEVER look good in photos”, these limiting thoughts are our worst enemy.
  • Enjoy: We are not usually aware of many memories until we have something tangible and palpable, therefore enjoy the moment of the photos, because as time passes they will gain value and will undoubtedly be the one that helps you remember that moment.
  • Don’t exaggerate: If you force it, it will be too artificial and that will be when we really look very strange. And this applies to postures, gestures, smiles, etc.
  • Improvise: Who knows, interesting things may come out, what is clear is that if you don’t try it you won’t know, you have to be yourself.
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6th – “More professional” techniques

There are a series of factors and techniques that photographers take into account. You don’t have to take a photography course to look good in photos. But just by knowing these factors that influence the final result so much, you will improve your photographs.

Avoid front flash to look good in photos

If you are going to use it, keep in mind that it is a light that flattens and subtracts volume, so it is not convenient to shoot it from the front of the photo, although sometimes it is a trend, you have to know how to use it to your advantage.

Light. Our main tool. Study and analyze the quality of light. Be careful with harsh sources such as direct light, and the midday sun (it is not bad light if you know how to use it). And always remember that well-used light helps us with the mood of our photography.

A good angle

Study your photos and analyze the angles with respect to the camera that best suits you. This way you will know how to position yourself for the next photo. Always avoid “passport-type” frontal photos if you want to look good in photos.

Camera angle (top and bottom angle). 

When we raise our arm to take a selfie we are taking a dive and when we shoot from the bottom up we will be taking a counter-shot. Without a doubt, a low angle will make us feel slimmer, but be careful with the double chin!

Key Takeaways

We hope that after reading this article you have understood that mastering photogenically isn’t about perfect posing, but embracing natural actions and attitudes. From body expressions to facial expressions, authenticity shines brighter than forced poses. 

So, are you ready to capture your best moments effortlessly? Hire our professional photographers today and let us help you look and feel your best in every photo! 


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