How to pose better in your corporate photos: The art of body language

How to pose better in your corporate photos: the art of body language


Sometimes, we insist on reducing everything that has to do with photography to a subjective or artistic plane. But, in reality, there is a lot of science in all this.

Repeat after me: a good corporate photo is neither pretty nor ugly. It’s a photo that works. Simply

What is a pose? Do you know what your “good pose” is? In the end, as we always say, the essence of a corporate portrait is in a photograph that engages and demonstrates naturalness.

What if that good pose or that powerful photograph was a message encoded directly to your less rational brain? Today we come to talk about body language and microexpressions. And how to generate the sensations we seek with the posture of our body.

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Microexpressions: a world to discover

Our brain trusts gestures before words. There are studies that say that our body language is 14 times more reliable than the spoken word.

That is, we trust what we see rather than what we hear. Because? Simply because gestures have been present in our lives for much longer than language. And we have been training our brains and learning to recognize emotions and dangers from expressions before learning to speak.

Even if we don’t want to, in that sea of ​​gestures that make up our faces, there are tiny facial expressions that reveal our emotions.

Thus, a slight movement of the eyelids can transform an expression from sincerity to falsehood.

Microexpressions are key to taking a good portrait

These imperceptible movements are known as micro-expressions. And knowing how to handle them well is one of the arts of photography, especially when we talk about portraits.

Yes: that fake smile can be seen from afar

If we talk about portraits and looks… we have to talk about smiles.

If we want to convey happiness with a smile, we must focus our attention on the muscles around the eyes and on our gaze.

It is very difficult (we would almost say impossible) to fake an emotion. And in a photograph, we must really feel that emotion so that the portrait appears natural and transmits all the strength we are looking for. 

So our advice is clear: if you don’t like to smile or it doesn’t come naturally to you… forget about saying cheese. Never force a smile, it will be worse.


Pose better in your corporate photos: the art of body language


The power of the look in a portrait

As with happiness and a smile, when something really interests us (a person, a conversation, a project…) our body, our face and, especially, our gaze is filled with micro-expressions:

  • We squint our eyes very slightly.
  • We tense the muscles of the lower eyelid.
  • And we change the shape of our eyes, to put the focus on our interlocutor.
  • It is important not to fall into laziness, boredom or fear when doing the photo session. No matter how pretty the photograph is, our face is going to give us away.

Imagine that you then put that photo on LinkedIn: perhaps there are people who reject your profile because, simply, their brain has told them that you are looking at them with boredom.

The eternal question: How do I position the body for a portrait?

Returning to body language, the pose we adopt in our portrait will transmit dozens of coded messages to whoever is looking at us.

The torso contains our vital organs and is one of our most vulnerable parts. Therefore, the angle of rotation with which we position ourselves in front of our interlocutor can help us transmit certain sensations.

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Front to the camera to pose better in your corporate photos 

Placing yourself completely facing forward and with your arms away from your chest is the maximum expression of security that we can convey.

Our body is saying that we feel completely comfortable, safe and powerful in front of whoever is in front of us. You demonstrate reliability and trust with your gesture.

You may have heard a photographer tell you that you should never get 100% in front of the camera. And what you just read doesn’t fit you.

The truth is that, although it is the best pose to generate confidence, it represents an aesthetic challenge when taking a photograph. Our brain will try to look for symmetry in a frontal photo (like you do with a landscape or a building). However, unless you are touched with a divine wand, it is very likely that your body and face are not 100% symmetrical and we may be generating involuntary rejection when seeing the photograph.

That’s why almost any photographer will recommend that you turn your body slightly when taking the photo.

Tip: In a conversation, try to maintain that pose by “unprotecting” your torso to build trust in the other person. To make your corporate portrait, continue to the next point.


Twisting the torso to pose better in your corporate photos 

Generally, as we turn our body, we will go from a position of power to a defensive position. But a slight turn will correct the search for symmetry while maintaining the security of the pose.

With a simple pose, we can convey many sensations and make our photo the first step in our Networking strategy.

Negative body language: 3 signs to watch out for

As we have seen, the power of our body language is almost infinite when it comes to transmitting sensations or emotions to whoever is looking at us.

Although we can never talk about “incorrect” body language, we can detect certain gestures that our brain links to negative or uncomfortable emotions and that we should avoid in our photos.

Crossed arms

The most common gesture in corporate portraits is crossed arms. Although, paradoxically, this pose is one of the most protective gestures we have.

By protecting our torso we are projecting a defensive attitude that can be interpreted as discomfort or rejection of the situation. However, in general, we have become so accustomed to this pose in corporate portraits that in most cases we “correct” what our brain tells us here. 


So why is this crossed-arms pose so widely used?

  • It causes security and tranquility in the model. Our brain even generates oxytocin when we take this pose to give us peace of mind.
  • You maintain a power pose, marking the distance (even if it is not 100% friendly).
  • It is a good pose to mark the posture of the shoulders and make the biceps bigger.
  • Depending on the context, it can be understood as a sign of authority.
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Lock gestures

Unlike crossed arms, there are other blocking gestures that are not so common in corporate photographs:

  • Rubbing movements.
  • Touch or play with an accessory such as scarves, necklaces, watches…
  • Press lips together.
  • Squeeze your fingers.

All of these gestures also release oxytocin in our brains and give us peace of mind in a tense situation. So, if you detect them in a conversation or business meeting, you should interpret the rest and try to soften the conversation with your body language.


The naturalness of the camera

Another very common phrase among photographers (and one that we know never works) is the typical “act natural as if I were not there.” Ok got it! BUT How can I ignore the fact that you are pointing a camera at me and looking at me all the time and so close?

Yes, we know that what works best to avoid that tension in the body language we transmit is to act naturally. But the best way to achieve this is to connect with the photographer to bring out that good side.

In our sessions, we try to give very few instructions to the other side of the camera. But, when we do them, we try to repeat the gestures ourselves or help you by teaching you the pose that best suits you.

Acting in “mirror” mode is a way to empathize with the other person and generate a connection. In general, as human beings, we are better at imitating than processing new information. And this is the best way to achieve it.

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To conclude, mastering the art of body language is super important for achieving impactful corporate photos. From understanding microexpressions to perfecting your posture, every detail counts in conveying confidence and authenticity. 

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