Hiring a wedding photographer for a church ceremony in Miami

Tips for hiring a wedding photographer

Tips for hiring a wedding photographer


You have decided to say I DO and the time has come to organize the wedding. Endless doubts begin to disturb you and you have not yet started to organize it and you are already overwhelmed. Well, we’re off to a good start! Organizing everything step by step. It is the property, hiring the wedding photographer, the dress, the trip… It is a tedious process, but let’s put aside the nerves and stress and let’s enjoy the journey. We always tell couples that a wedding is something that takes a long time to prepare but that happens in the blink of an eye and sometimes we are not aware of many of the things that have happened.

It is the next day when our heart rate drops when we say…It’s already over!

At that moment, trying to digest everything that happened, you thank the people who accompanied you for making your wedding an unforgettable day while social networks are flooded with photos of your wedding.

With almost no time left, you go on a trip, it is a well-deserved rest after so many months of organizing your wedding. Here we could close that chapter in our lives titled “our wedding, an unforgettable day” and begin that life together after Yes I want! But there comes a time in your lives when that day that had been so special, you vaguely remember, the photography and video of your wedding allowing you to relive it as if it had just happened.

At this point, we imagine that for many of you, the photography and video of your wedding will come to be at the top of your list of priorities, the essence of what that great day was and being able to remember as if you were living those moments again. of nerves during preparations, seeing your partner advancing towards you or even how fun that first dance was.

Being so important to you, you must be very clear about what you need and that is why we’re going to give you some tips for hiring a wedding photographer so that you can choose your photographer wisely.

Church Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony
Church Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony

What to consider when hiring your wedding photographer?


1 Define the style of work you like (artistic or documentary)

It could be said that currently there are 2 more or less defined aspects of photography, which sometimes come together and can be worked on in equal parts during the celebration of a wedding.

The first thing most couples say is “We don’t like posing” so what is recommended in this case would be a documentary photographs, where the skill and experience of the photographer is what allows us to capture those decisive moments with creativity.

We don’t like posing, we prefer it to be something more natural.

2 Define a budget for the wedding report

It is very important that you have an idea of ​​how much a wedding photography report actually costs, since sometimes couples comment “We didn’t expect it to cost so much” and it is certainly something intangible and depends on many factors.

But if you can’t find the difference between a very low budget and one 4 times higher.  Although it is very likely that the difference is obvious, if you are not clear, don’t hesitate to ask.

Without a set budget, wedding photos can be a service that seems excessively expensive.

3 The time has come to choose your wedding photographer

You have a list of possible candidates and the time has come to ask yourself one of the most important questions: Do we really want him to accompany us at our wedding? If the answer is Yes, do not hesitate to hire him. But if the answer is No or we are not clear, we recommend that you keep searching.

If you are not entirely sure that you want that photographer to accompany you during the approximately 10/12 hours that your wedding lasts, keep looking.

And then to choose one or the other, the most important factors for you will be the ones that make you decide. To do this, we leave you a series of questions that you should ask to know in depth how you will work on your wedding day.

Miami Wedding , bride portrait
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding photography
Wedding photography

10 Tips for hiring a wedding photographer for your memorable day


Now, here comes the most important part of the tips for hiring a wedding photographer. We leave you some tips or advice that you can take into account when you are going to hire your wedding photographer.

  1. Research about the wedding photographer on social networks, the web, look for opinions, etc.
  2. Be clear about the budget you have for the photographic report.
  3. Have an interview with them (if possible) to meet them in person.
  4. Check that their style is what you are looking for and that they show you complete work.
  5. Ask for references from other clients.
  6. Make sure you talk to the person who is going to your wedding.
  7. Have demonstrable experience in weddings.
  8. Ask if it is their main job or if it is an extra.
  9. Guarantees (insurance, registration, backup copies, etc.)
  10. Formalize a contract with a commitment by both parties.
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding  in Miami
More than a wedding photographer 

The experience and professionalism of a good photographer will impact the final quality of your wedding report. It is not only a matter of good photographic technique. There are some pluses that are not included in the price.

Wedding planning

They know all the factors and preparations to carry out your dream wedding. Don’t hesitate to ask them for their opinion or advice on any topic related to your celebration.


They know that their mission is to capture the big day, without interfering in its celebration. They know the key moments and know how to approach them.

Style and direction

No matter how natural or original your wedding report is, at some point you will have to pose. He must know how to direct you and indicate you clearly, both so as not to dwell on each image and to achieve the results you desire.

There are couples who do not feel very comfortable in front of a camera, trusting in their work to be natural.


A wedding celebration is a day with excessive tension. If your photographer has not given you the necessary trust, it will become another worry.

Once hired, trust your wedding photographer and his planning. And dedicate yourself as much as possible to enjoying your big wedding day.

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Bride and groom rings
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Final Words 

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and choosing the right photographer is really important for capturing those precious moments. From defining your style preferences to setting a budget and asking the right questions, make sure you hire a photographer who understands your vision and can deliver the results you desire.


Feeling overwhelmed with many options available and not finding the right photographer? Don’t Panic! Our team of experienced photographers is dedicated to capturing every heartfelt moment of your special day. From small ceremonies to grand celebrations, we’ll ensure that your love story is beautifully preserved for generations to come. Contact us now to discuss your vision and let us bring your wedding dreams to life through stunning photography. 

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