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Guide on choosing photos for your wedding album

Guide on choosing photos for your wedding album


We could say that after the great celebration of your wedding, there is still one last step, choosing photos for your wedding album. But perhaps one of the most important things is to remember everything in maximum detail. That step is the choice of the photographs that will make up your wedding album. Once the days have passed and life returns to normal, the vast majority of brides and grooms are waiting for the photographer’s call to see the result of the wedding photography report. In our case, we usually work quite quickly so that we don’t lose our desire.

We do want to remember the great moments of our wedding day, most of which passed quickly among endless emotions, and seeing and discovering the great little story that the images make up is one of the most beautiful moments.

But we still have a lot of work to do, and it is none other than among the large number of photos that have been given to us in digital format, to begin to choose which ones will make up the wedding album and which ones will be left out of it.

The importance of the wedding album


In current times, unfortunately, we print fewer and fewer photographs. Nowadays, due to new devices and digital photography, we store thousands of photos that will never be transferred to paper.

But is it really worth not creating a wedding album? Starting from the basis that in most cases we have hired a professional photographer to capture the best moments in an artistic way, relegate these images to a simple file on our computer and view it on a screen (which is almost always not usually the right one), doesn’t seem like the best way to keep this great memory. On the other hand, a hard drive is not the safest way to preserve a memory. Sometimes they fail, I would even say more than we think.

Also keep in mind that the paper combined with the qualities and textures that wedding albums usually have, the images that make it up are enhanced like no other medium.

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         The difficult task of choosing photos for your wedding album 

As we mentioned at the beginning, your photographer will send you a large number of images for your choice. On your wedding day, you were working hard not to lose any details and that translates into hundreds of photographs, which will inevitably have to be selected to compose the album.

In most cases, they will offer you their own selection and layout, which given their knowledge and experience with other couples and especially because they will already know you a little more than before the wedding, is usually quite accurate with the ones that the newlyweds would choose, although some changes are always requested.

But without a doubt, it is your memory and you have to have the last word. While at the same time, you must be fully satisfied with the final result. If you have decided to choose your own wedding photographs, we are going to try to give you a series of tips to make it easier for you to do so.

         We tell a story

The photographic report is neither more nor less than telling a story through images. And like every story it has a beginning or presentation, a middle or story to tell and an outcome. If not, it will be a simple viewing of photos.

As a wedding photographer, We personally interpret our work this way. It is a day when emotions become the most important thing. And a good story is impossible to tell if you do not take them into account.

Within this, a wedding is made up of different acts and moments and they all have to be reflected in the report. Look for the most significant ones and those that convey the most to you both artistically and emotionally.

Lay flat wedding album
      Less is more

They will make a large number of photos available to you. But your wedding report will not be better for the amount you include. We will try to explain;

Surely you like many photographs, but you run the risk of repeating many moments and making it monotonous. You also have to see that there are very similar images that the photographer takes with the intention of giving you more options. If you decide to include several from the same moment, take into account that they have not been made from the same point of view, and that they complement each other.

Although it may be difficult, try to put yourself in the place of a third person who is going to see the report. Albums full of photos end up boring people. Seeing the same moments over and over again is tedious. 

As a fundamental piece of advice, we would tell you that you start by defining approximately how many photos you are going to put in your album. The normal thing would be between 80 and 100.  However, it is recommended that your photographer advise you because it will depend a lot on the number of canvases and the size of the album.

Take into account the different moments of a wedding

Once we know more or less the number of images that we are going to choose, we must take into account the different moments that a wedding has to divide the photos that will correspond to each situation of the wedding.

The ceremony

The essence of any wedding lies in the “I do,” and it should be beautifully captured in the wedding report.From the arrival at the place chosen for the ceremony in the midst of all the expectations, the entrance, the emotion of each moment, the rites and traditions that mark the different moments of the ceremony and the exit from the church, as newlyweds, they have to appear reflected.

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The wedding report

As a general rule, brides and grooms usually reserve the time between the ceremony and the banquet to carry out a more artistic report. As it cannot be otherwise, the chosen environment is fundamental and one more protagonist, although sometimes there is no time for this type of photos or you prefer to enjoy with your guests, I advise you to try to find a space in your tight schedule of the day for these photos.

Don’t just look for the plasticity of these photos. As we said at the beginning, a story without emotion tells nothing. A look at each other can convey much more about your history than a simple image, no matter how beautiful it may be.

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The celebration

In most cases, it is in the form of a banquet. At the moment, apart from the typical wedding photos (those of the cake may be the most representative), there are also many things happening that the report has to know how to tell.

Both family and friends constantly interact with the couple during the celebration, look for the images that best tell it.

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The final cherry on top of any wedding is the wedding party or dance. Perhaps it is the most fun moment and years later the photos will be the ones that make you remember those moments.

As it could not be otherwise, the couple’s dance that opens this party is usually a moment full of emotions and feelings. Later the guests will be the ones to share your happiness.


Most frequent mistakes when choosing wedding photos


Within these tips that we try to offer you, we would not like to leave aside the mistakes (always from our point of view) that couples make when choosing photographs for their wedding album.

Don’t look for the most obvious photos

We can try to be original when selecting the photographs, but there are photos that absolutely have to be in a wedding report. A wedding has very important moments and you have to remember them.

Repetition of moments

If we limit the number of photographs, each photo has to tell something. In many cases, many photos of the same moment are chosen to the detriment of other situations.

Difficulties when composing the album

Wedding albums have changed a lot in recent times and require a very elaborate layout. Our advice is that you let your photographer advise you on each page and the final result of the layout. Since in the end, you have to review everything together.

Keep in mind that it is still an illustrated book. And that the arrangement of the images is essential, both to tell what your wedding day was like and for its visual appearance.

Wanting to please everyone

Many newlyweds in the end have to make the decision whether practically all the guests have to appear in the report or in the end it focuses only on them.

Surely you want the people closest to you to be part of it. But don’t make the mistake of having to please everyone. And that they have to be the protagonists in some photos. Or even thinking that there should be the same number of photos of the 2 families because you may be compromising the quality of the album.

They ignore the details

Your wedding day was unique because of the combination of fundamental moments and small details.

The small details, whether in your accessories, the decoration of the place or some “special” image of a moment that happened, are part of the story of your wedding. Surely your photographer will have been able to capture many. These images are the ones that accompany the main calls. The ones that help you remember all the moments. And give a more exact idea of ​​what your wedding was like. And the ones that allow you to even help determine the reading rhythm of the album itself.

Final Words – Your wedding is the highlight of a love story

One last piece of advice. We’re sure that your wedding was ideal, you chose the best place to hold it. We’re sure that you could not be more beautiful and that you invested more in one thing or another than was purely necessary because it was important to you.

But a wedding report is a love story. Surely in 30 years, one day you will look back at your wedding album and see how time has passed.

But there is something that will never go out of style. Seeing that in your wedding report, the most important thing of all is the love you had for each other and how happy you were that day. 

So, Are you ready to transform your wedding memories into a timeless masterpiece? With our expertise and attention to detail, we’ll curate the perfect collection. And start the journey of creating a cherished keepsake that will tell your love story for generations to come. Contact us now and get $50 Off  of your next wedding album.

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