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Miami Baby Bump Photo session

Everything you need to know about your baby bump photoshoot in Miami.


The first time we did a baby bump photoshoot in Miami for a pregnant mother, we still didn’t fully understand how special it could be. However, a few years later the mother of whom we had taken those pregnancy photos wrote to us thanking us, because she had been able to show her daughter those images of her and she was excited to see her mother with her inside. She told us that every day she asked her to take out her album so she could see it again and again as if it were a story.

Now, after all the photo sessions we have done, and seeing the satisfaction of the families we have photographed, we would recommend to all future mothers to have their pregnancy report and these types of photographs must be very careful and aesthetically captured. 

That’s why we’re here with a complete guide for a baby bump photo shoot in Miami that will help you plan your photography session. So, sit comfortably on a couch with a bowl full of your favorite fruits (Really important to give you nutrients you need in your pregnancy period) and read till the end to get important insights!

maternity miami photographer

Perfect moment of pregnancy to have the baby bump photoshoot in Miami

The ideal time for baby bump photos is 7 months pregnant. Before this, the belly is still not sufficiently developed, and afterward, the mother begins to be very swollen, feels uncomfortable and needs to rest much longer.

There is also another option and that is to take a photographic report of the pregnancy follow-up, to be able to see the evolution. This should be done, so that it is perfect, month by month during the 9 months of pregnancy.

beach pregnancy photo session

How do I find a good pregnancy photographer for a baby bump photoshoot in Miami?

I know that in Miami there is a great demand for maternity photographers and you may wonder how do I choose the right one among so many? When you choose the photographer it is important that you feel trust with that person and that there is good chemistry from the beginning. That you like his style of photography and his portfolio; that you love everything you see, whether it be from their social media content, their website, or other people’s comments about their work, all of these points are what will give you confidence that they will do a good job. 

To find a photographer you can search in many ways, some of the most used:


  • By reference from a friend: this way has the advantage that you will be able to talk with your friend and learn more about the experience and the results of the session.
  • Searching on Google:  with terms like “photographers in Miami” or “pregnancy photography in Miami”, you can find directories and different websites of photographers, this has the advantage that you can learn more about them, see their portfolios Work deeper and you will find all the means to contact that person, whether by email or cell phone so that you can communicate immediately.
  • On Instagram: with hashtags like #Photographersmiami #Miamiphotographers, you will surely be able to find the work of many photographers from our City and their contact information. I recommend that you do not get carried away by “Likes” or by a single pretty photo that you see, you can ask them to show you more of their portfolio of past pregnancy sessions, so you can see how a complete session turns out. It is important that you create trust from the beginning. 
Maternity Photographer

Locations for the baby bump photo session in Miami

We’re a big fan of outdoor maternity photo sessions for several reasons:

  • It is much more natural and beautiful: backgrounds in a park, on the beach or even in a city, make the photograph have a fresher and more modern look. People like to be outdoors, it is our natural environment, and that is why we like these types of images. 
  • Fun and comfort for the family: In a studio, normally people do not usually relax at almost any time. The space is very limited, the spotlights, the tripods, the lights, everything can overwhelm a future father and a future mother who want to take a family photo shoot. You can’t stop posing, you can’t enjoy the moment. Outdoors it is much easier to relax, you can simply take a walk while the photographer takes your photographs, you can play with the leaves, lie on the grass, hug each other while looking at the landscape, etc. We have proven it: There comes a time when The family forgets that they are taking photographs, and that is when the most spontaneous and natural images emerge. The moments of truth, happened as is and the couple is not posing. In a studio, this never happens.
Depending on where in Miami you are and the time of year in which you want to do the photographic report, there are different locations that we have carefully studied:


  • In Miami you can find scenes of all kinds in the Robbins Lodge, Ad Barnes Matheson Barnes, Matheson Hammock Park, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Crandon Park etc….
  • If you live near Washington Ave, South Pointe Park has many amazing options for your family photos. It has access to the beach, a cool playground, and even a popsicle stand from where you can get some snacks if needed.
  • Key Biscayne which is just a 30-minute drive away from Miami Beach is an amazing residential island with some gorgeous parks and beaches. One of our favorite things about this place is that the place is less crowded as very few tourists go there so it’s perfect for new moms-to-be to avoid crowds. 

We recommend always having a Plan B for your photo location in case of last minute setbacks with the weather.

park pregnancy photo session

Prepare ahead of time on the day of the maternity photo session

Once you have your dresses and all your ideas of what you will wear in the session, prepare everything you will wear at least two days before your session, you can make a list so you don’t forget anything. 

One of the main things I recommend doing the day before the baby bump photoshoot is to confirm the time of your appointment with the makeup artist, whether you have to go to the makeup artist or have your makeup done at the location of the session, meet with the makeup artist in advance. enough, this way you will avoid rushing to the session, being stressed or delaying the start time of the session.

We recommend that you arrive 15-20 minutes before the time agreed upon with your photographer. Keep in mind that photographers keep a daily agenda for the sessions and every minute counts. Also, the time that photographers recommend has a lot to do with lighting, with the temperature of the day and this can affect the result of a session.

Enjoy the day of the baby bump photoshoot

On the day of a session, many things can happen and not everything will go 100% as planned, sometimes due to conditions beyond the control of you and the photographer, such as the weather or last-minute eventualities. Trust your photographer, most of us are prepared to adapt. and solve many situations. Don’t forget to enjoy the session, enjoy this unique moment that you share with your family or your partner and live it to the fullest.

It is very important to keep in mind that the results of a photo session are a team effort between the client and the photographer. Each photo session is unique, therefore the results of the sessions will always vary, depending on the style of the photographer, the personality of each person, the place you choose for the session, the clothing, the theme, the time, the weather, but each pregnancy photo session has a common goal, to capture the beauty and joy of pregnancy to remember this stage for your entire life.

maternity miami photographer
maternity miami photographer

Clothes and Props for the baby bump photoshoot

For the future mother, the main thing is that the outfit is comfortable, allows freedom of movement and does not constrict. 

The ideal is loose, airy garments that flow and allow you to reveal your belly at a certain moment. There are special shirts that open just at the height of the abdomen so that it protrudes through the fabric. 

In addition, accessories such as capes or soft fabrics also look great.

Everything has to be of homogeneous colors, avoiding prints or marks that are too visible.

In the photos, soft, pink or bluish tones look beautiful, but you can also opt for strong colors, red, yellow or purple that give a very original and modern touch. 

For the hair, it can be decorated with headbands or simple headdresses and if the session is done in a forest or a field, it usually looks great if they have floral or nature motifs.

The father should go according to the colors that the mother has chosen, and preferably also with loose and comfortable clothes, in complementary colors to those of the mother.

If children accompany us, it is very nice if they go the same as the parents, or with similar colors.

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Key Takeaway 

Share with us if you liked the tips, have you had a pregnancy photo session before? Tell us if you recommend anything else to keep in mind before the session. Thank you for stopping by this space! 

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