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10 questions you should ask while hiring a wedding photographer

10 questions to ask while hiring a wedding photographer


Planning your wedding and looking for a good photographer who can capture your special moments while you get married with your dream girl/boy? Don’t worry by asking your photographer the questions explained in this article so you can make sure that you select the best person as your wedding photographer. What are the top  question you need to ask before hiring a wedding photographer?

Here are the top 10 question you need to ask before hiring a wedding photographer.

Question #1: 

Who will be the photographer on the wedding day? Sometimes, you explain your idea of ​​a wedding report to one person and on the day of the wedding, someone else is in charge of photographing you.

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wedding photographers Pensilvania
Question #2: 

Could you show us complete weddings? And if you have already worked at the place, could you show us that wedding? It is easy to show engaging photos, but you have to take all the work into account and see the consistency of a complete report.

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Wedding Photographer
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Question #3: 

You move? Are there extra costs for travel? If you like a photographer who is not from your area, discuss the option of traveling with him.

Question #4:

Until when do you cover the photographic report? A complete wedding report should cover everything from the preparations to the wedding dance. There are photographers who limit their hours and then charge overtime. Inform you of the price of overtime so that there are no surprises later.

Question #5:

How long does it take you to deliver? Bridal photography requires a reasonable amount of time to edit (approximately 1 to 3 months). It is advisable to set an approximate date so that the wait does not drag on forever.

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Miami wedding photography
Miami wedding photography
Question #6:

Would there be an option to hire extra services? Such as pre-wedding, post-wedding, albums for parents, etc. Surely in most cases, the answer is affirmative, if you are interested it is advisable to know the additional prices and details of the work.

Question #7:

What approximate number of photos do you usually deliver per wedding? As in everything, we do not want surprises, it is advisable to know beforehand.

Do you deliver the photos in digital format? I know that some photographers are reluctant to do this practice. Ask it.

Question #8:

Do they have any processing or do they come off the camera as they are? Nowadays the vast majority of professional photographers process and edit their photographs. Even if you don’t know much about this subject, don’t stop being interested.

Miami wedding photography
Miami wedding photography
Miami wedding photography
Miami wedding photography
Question #9:

Is the participation of a second photographer possible? It depends a lot on the type of report you want, but sometimes a single professional may be insufficient.

Question #10:

Can we see the finishes and quality of the wedding album? The quality of an album can vary a lot, today you have the offset made with printers or the chemical one made with a laboratory. The difference is more than noticeable.

After you know about top 10 question you need to ask before hiring a wedding photographer, you are fully prepare to meet a photographer for your big day.

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